Thursday, September 1, 2011

Iar 333-01 The Impact of Light on Health and Welfare

When reading the articles from the Impact of light on Health and Welfare, one of the facts that stood out to me the most was the fact that The lack of lighting can have just as great of a negative effect on people, as light can have a positive effect on people. One result of the negative effects of the lack of lighting is SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Being that this is a disorder that occurs more commonly among people who dwell in locations with longer nights or who are not receiving the proper amount of sunlight, this causes me to believe that light within a place can also create a negative experience. Also according to some of the facts that are presented about night shift nurses having a greater risk of cancer raises a question in my mind about weather or not the people who designed the hospital lighting took into consideration these things. The hospital is often associated with healing but the lighting in this particular place, does not necessarily create a good experience. However I feel that the necessary steps are being taking to correct this problem. Lastly I think that the lack of lighting does have a major impact on the human body and its circadian rhythm. This is supported by the fact that people’s body becomes out of sync with their internal clocks after daylight savings. This is because when the clock is set back an hour things that people would do a at a certain time they now would do at a later time causing to loose the time that they would normally spend doing activities.

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