Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning commons in the music library would create an opportunity for students to collaborate through social interactions with their peers.
This article shifted my thinking from designing a traditional library to a space that would fit the individual needs of music students and their learning approach.
We can incorporate this information into our work by focusing on creating spaces that are interchangeable and create different boundaries both psychologically and physically.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Freelon Group visit

Our class visited the Freelon Group architecture firm in Durham, while at the firm itself I learned several helpful tips as far as working on a portfolio and how things operate in the design field. After leaving the firm we went to visit a project that they worked on which was the Durham County South Regional Library. I appreciate the fact that we were able to visit an actual design firm and to hear some of the things that they experienced. The firms interior designers actually came to talk with the class and gave us some very helpful insight as to how things are seen from their perspective. When looking at the library I noticed that the interior was very simplistic and had a focus on sustainability. I also find it interesting that a lot of the spaces were mapped out based on the users, like the sections for teen and the section for children. The open space and the walls with glass windows that allow natural lighting to flood the space promote an environment for learning. Compared to the tour of the Freelon group it seems like the presentation by Paula Carr was more about being able to quickly explain and present your designs. This is helpful when speaking with a client. She also spoke about making sure that you develop a concept in the early stages of your design and then began to build on that. I feel that both of these experiences have helped me to gain valuable insight on how to improve on my skills as a designer and as a professional.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Diagram Review: Corry Mears

After our diagramming assignment we were to review one of our classmates diagrams. I felt that Corry had a strong set of diagrams each pertaining to the fie different systems that we looked at which were light, electricity, technology, water, and structure.

The diagram that I felt was the most successful was the technology diagram. I felt that this was a good analogy of how technology serves as a map of information liking users to different places and people.

Revised boundaries diagram